Who we are

Trees For the future Uganda (Trees Uganda) is a Non-Profit local Organization  established in 2013 to address social, environmental, agricultural  and economical challenges facing Uganda populations.

Since its inception in 2013, Trees Uganda  has worked in close collaboration with  communities in in projects aiming at  protection and restoration of degraded environment, enhancing people’s participation in sustainable land use and income generation and establishing Hamlet organic gardens. 

These activities are aimed at improving and increasing food production, family income, enhancing local knowledge to address economic challenges.

Environmental issues are tackled primarily by increasing community awareness on environmental and social economical issues happening in their communities due to unsustainable land practices and natural resources management. Our organization through our work we have identified bamboo as a great plant for sustainable raw materials for making small crafts and Bamboo bicycles. These skills  brings income to the youths who make products from bamboo and at the same time provide income to bamboo growers. 

Our Purpose

To establish a strong reliable agribusiness initiatives and support the use of renewable energy in communities to create jobs, and income opportunities

Our Vision

Resilient Communities where people use
available resources to improve their livelihood

Our Goal

To contribute to alleviation of poverty and
creating work opportunities

Our Mission

To improve livelihoods of poor families
through community Development

Our Objectives

  • To promote attitude change with
    schools and communities towards
  • To engage schools and communities in
    conservation efforts aimed at
    addressing climate change effects.
  • To promote clean energy, smart and
    organic Agriculture for better lives.
  • To promote value addition among
    farmers in order to improve their
  • To contribute to the effort of poverty
    alleviation and food security through
    promotion of Agribusiness.
  • To promote the use of Bamboo plant as
    a raw material for products.
  • To promote skill development for job
  • Promote water and sanitation efforts for
    health well being.
  • To promote eco-tourism for sustainable

Our Core Values

•Open minded

Community involvement in environmental conservation in uganda