Currently the world is faced with unprecedented disasters ranging from floods in Haiti and Europe, hailstone in Europe scorching sunshine in Canada wild fires in Algeria, Turkey Greece Tunisia Calfonia Morocco to mention but a few.

A few of the old folks are responsible for the destruction of our environment. And it will be the young people to rehabilitate and restore the environment.

The reason why we created this forum is to connect the young people from all corners of the world to plant trees so that our environment can become better.

This program is designed to create connections between schools and schools in different countries, The ultimate goal of this idea is to create awareness and share experience in environment issues with intention of finding solutions. This friendship will be a global collective undertaking to contribute to conservation efforts. The program will be field based and sharing will be online where student from different countries what they have done and experience on conservation so that the other friends can learn from one another.

Trees For the future Uganda is a Non-Profit Organization started in 2007 and incorporated in 2013 as a charity Entity to address the environmental, agricultural, social and economic challenges facing Uganda at a time. Trees-Uganda programs offer communities with sustained income-generating activities that succeed through restoring an environmental balance and land use, to achieve a level of agricultural sustainability by promoting agroforestry, nature and biodiversity co-existence, restoring the conditions of the past, and bringing about a natural regeneration of the past biodiversity with a vision of contributing to the greening of Uganda

How it Works

Our program allows students to share activities being undertaken by their class with another class.They will share  experience, stories, culture from their respective countries by snail mails. This is done through connecting  school to school and class to class, They share activity photos, stories and culture from each country. 

Each class plants  trees or does an activity for another class. A class can support  tree growing and tagged with his/her preferred name or code.  Class will share activities done within their countries to learn and inspire other class to ge involved.

Letters written will be collect from the school and mailed to the other school class. 

Tree Tagging

Each tree planted is named after the friend in another country, the trees is tagged e.g  Martin-1_ Ug-2021….

This activity is not limited to schools from country to country but schools within the same country can adopt the same approach.

Trees can as well be planted in memory of a family member friend and named after that person.


Trees Uganda

  • Identify interested countries and link them together
  • Compiling contacts of friends.
  • Monitoring the activity
  • Identify and source for trees to be planted

Identified schools

  • To identify interested students in the activities
  • Sharing the contacts with trees Uganda.

Interested student

  • To identify the tree species of their choice
  • Keep the communication
  • Share activity photos

VI . Counting of trees; Trees will be counted using a data collection system

Awarding ; Every 2 years, participants shall be awarded best on their performance. Countries will also be awarded based on which country has planted/sponsored more trees.

  1. 1st Golden Tree ambassador (Gota) Most friends and more trees planted
  2. 2nd Silver Tree ambassador   (Sita) More friends and more trees
  3. 3rd Bronze Tree ambassador. (Bota) least and less trees planted.

Community/Field Exchange Program

There shall be and exchange program aimed at giving an opportunity to schools/families from one country to visit another country to participate in an activity and also to see the work which has been done.