Prof Emeritus Badru Dungu Kateregga

Amb. Al Haji. Prof Emeritus Badru Dungu Kateregga is a man who wears many hats. Among them are the following; he is Owekitibwa (member of the great Lukiko of Buagnda Kingdom): a former Ambassador of Uganda to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Iraq and Palestine. He is one of a few Ugandans upon whom the title of national Hero has been bestowed (the Nalubaale medal of Service in honor of his contribution to the liberation struggle in Uganda)

Immaculate Nabukera

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Dave Morbray

Dave Morbray is a retired businessman having run a small family company making and selling anything for the home and commercial windows. Curtains, window blinds, ousdide canopies and sun shades. He has spent a lifetime in the Scout Movement starting as an 8 year old Cub and is still active today.  As an adult he has been warranted in at every level from Group, District, County, National and International.  It was in this capacity he first became involved in Uganda over 30 years ago and has been active in various projects in many parts of the Country.
Apart from Scouting he has been involved in many other Charities, some for over 60 years.   He was a Founder and Chairman of the Bambang Sunshine Project bringing help to Philippine Children with Disabilities.  He is a member of the Royal British Legion, an ex-Services Charity who are committed to care for those who are disabled, homeless, or need any help at all, as a result of serving for their Country.  The Legion is also committed to care and support the dependents and families of those who lost their lives serving their County.  He is an active Freemason, a Charity that serves the Community in anyway it can and he is very involved in his local Church which includes creating links with a Church in Uganda.