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Trees For the future Uganda (Trees Uganda) is a Non-Profit local Organization established in 2013 to address the social, environmental, agricultural and economical challenges facing Uganda at a time, Since then our organization has worked in close collaboration with communities in in projects aiming at protection
and restoration of degraded environment, enhancing people’s participation in sustainable land use and income generation and establishing Hamlet organic gardens. These activities are aimed at improving and increasing food production, family income, enhancing local knowledge to address economic challenges.

Environmental issues are tackled primarily by increasing community awareness on environmental and social economical issues happening in their communities due to unsustainable land practices and natural resources management. Our organization through our work we have identified bamboo as a great plant for sustainable raw materials for making small crafts and Bamboo bicycles. These skills brings income to the youths who make products from bamboo and at the same time provide income to bamboo growers.

Our areas of intervention

Greening Schools and communities

We are engaging schools and local communities in edible and fast maturing tree planting to help them earn income and as well provide shade to schools. The ultimate goal of this intervention is to use schools and local communities as drivers of change in rebuilding the green cover

Community Tree Nurseries

Access to genuine and fast maturing tree species remains a challenge to restoration of the green cover in Uganda. We are responding to this challenge by carrying out community training in nursery construction management and raising of seedlings locally within the communitiies.

Organic Farming

Introducing and educating people on safe modern farming methods more so to re-practice organic farming as the world is turning back to organic food products.

Community Involvement in Environmental protection
Fodder trees for livestock improvement

We work with dairy farmers to improve both milk and
meat production through planting of high nutrient fodder trees. The use of theses fodder trees, as food sources for dairy cows, increase milk production from 25% to 60%. In addition to increasing milk production in dairy cows, farmers can increase milk production in dairy goats.

Energy Conservation Stoves for Women

We are working with Our Regional partner in Kenya “Trees for the Future Kenya” to promote use of Fuel-efficient cooking stoves to decrease wood consumption by 60% compared to the traditional three-stone method. This project aims at saving 5,000 tons of wood as well as saving over 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide by distributing up to 50,000 energy saving stoves amongst the local
communities in Kenya over a period of 5 to 10-years. This will reduce wood usage by 80% per household.

Clean and Safe Water

Worked with farmers in water harvesting skills and construction of underground tanks, in addition we promoted Planting of more trees at the water sources which maintains the water table in the water aquifer as well as filtering water from contamination. This was coupled with use of sand and concrete stones for flowing spring water sources

Skills Training

Lack of employment in Uganda is one of the major reasons why youth have turned to mass forest cover destruction to burn charcoal to earn a living, we are  offering training programs in areas of  hair dressing, tailoring, carpentry, mechanics, art and crafts, computer knowledge and skills, finance management among others to offer the youth an alternative source of income